About Sisterhood Travel



About Sisterhood Travel

Sisterhood Travel is a community for all females with a passion for travel.  It’s a way to connect to women all over the globe.  Twice a month we have a Twitter Chat dedicated to connecting with other female travelers.  We also host a “book chat” on Twitter at the end of the month for anyone who wants to participate in our Book Club.

How We Got Started

It all started when two friends were discussing how to support each others’ traveling and blogging endeavors.  After adding another friend to the group and creating the first Sisterhood Travel twitter chat they decided to turn the chat into a website.  Sisterhood Travel is a way for females across the globe to share travel stories and travel tips with each other.






Meet the ladies behind Sisterhood Travel:

Rebecca has always loved exploring new cities, trying local cuisine, and meeting new people. Originally from Dallas, Texas, she has spent considerable time in Argentina, Thailand, Italy, China, and Guatemala. Inspired by everything she saw (and ate), she began her blog Rebecca’s International Kitchen. Rebecca uses her website to share her recommendations on where to eat and what to do in the cities she visits. She also shares her favorite local recipes and stories about expat life. Rebecca currently resides in New York City but plans to spend 2016 traveling as much as possible. She was last spotted in Mendoza, Argentina writing a travel book about the wine country.

Website: Rebecca’s International Kitchen
Instagram: @rebeccasinternationalkitchen
Twitter: @RIKitchen

Sisterhood Travel About Page

Hannah is a vintage girl with two things always on her mind: Traveling & Writing.  When she’s not out exploring the world, she is at home on her parent’s farm in the Ozarks, planning her next adventure or writing romantic fiction.  The travel bug hit her at an early age, and she skipped the college scene in favor of a career in travel blogging.  Hannah loves jazz music, is slightly obsessed about her INFJ personality type, and is a lot quieter in person than she is in the blogosphere.  Until you get to know her, that is.

Website: Hepcat Hannah
Instagram: @hepcathannah
Twitter: @hepcathannah

Sisterhood Travel About Page

The first time Ronda knew she wanted to travel the world was at 10 when her family took her to the Epcot Center’s World Showcase.  After experiencing what it might be like to see Norway, Japan, and Germany, she knew she was changed forever.  Every place she travels to she wants to live.  She loves taking photos and has recently become passionate about making travel videos.  If she isn’t traveling her idea of fun is staying inside curled up on the couch with a good book (about traveling). She writes about her adventures and shares life lessons on Say Hello Blog.

Website: Say Hello Blog
Instagram: @sayhelloblog
Twitter: @sayhelloblog